The concepts of culture and sport have changed over the years. One of the changes is the growing risk to the physical integrity of individuals as a consequence of events with the presence of large crowds.

Thus, it has emerged the need for specialized supervision at the level of security and health care relief, whether in sporting or cultural events, among others.

HELPED Emergency, aware of this phenomenon, puts a wide range of Medical protection solutions available to practitioners, spectators and organizers.

We work with professionals possessing qualified training (certified by INEM), ready to assist the many Medical emergencies that may arise.

HELPED Emergency is one of the organizations best suited for event preparation. We carry out assessments of locations and situations of greater risk probability.

A previous survey of actual needs allows us to make the correct selection and adequate assignment of manpower and materials, offering a quick and effective intervention.

In terms of logistics, a Medical Center with specialized equipment is available in Inflatable Tent with all the material for

  • Minor surgeries and dressing,
  • Advanced life support,
  • Immobilization,
  • Observation,
  • Stabilization, and
  • Treatment of patients.

"In all things success depends on previous preparation, and without such previous preparation there is sure to be failure” - Confucius