In 2010, the HELPED Group has put in place another ambitious project:


  • Because we care about people’s health and well-being;
  • Because we are well aware of people’s spirits and needs;
  • And because every day the well-being of health care users is our motivation!

Helped Emergency arose to provide a distinctive Ambulance service in all aspects of patient transportation, both at national and international levels.

We are a dynamic, very experienced yet young spirited team, possessing proven knowledge in the area of health care.

Helped Emergency Ambulance service stands out by

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Security
  • Customer Loyalty

All of our crews have qualified training and use a wide range of Ambulances and Patient Transportation Vehicles.

Currently, Helped Emergency is headquartered in the Greater Lisbon area and has a branch in the Algarve, ensuring mobility for any region of Portugal or Europe.